Currency News: Trump Administration Forced To Pull Out

Currency News

currency newsAfter the US presidential election, investors were brimming with optimism, anticipating the implementation of pro-business policies. As the US dollar continues to post its third straight weekly decline, a trend is developing. Moreover, investors are seemingly losing confidence in the US dollar.

As is often the case, not everything goes according to plan. Due to lack of support from both the Democrats and Republicans, the Trump administration pulled the healthcare bill this week.

Investors will be watching closely the aftermath of the government’s decision to pull the bill.  Many are anxious to learn the future of America’s healthcare. As of now, the government is organizing important reforms such as taxation and infrastructure bills. Optimism among investors is declining after the administration’s failure to pass the healthcare bill. Doubt now surrounds this administration and its ability to pass their economic agenda, a focal point of Trump’s campaign.

Not all hope is lost though, with a tax overhaul expected in the immediate future. Consumers still remain confident, as a tax reform is likely to see little resistance in the future.

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