Currency News: Disappointed Expectations Led The Dollar To Slip

Currency News

It’s already been a few months since Donald Trump was appointed as President of the United States. And expectations regarding the US data were high. Too high? As inflation and sales data were weaker than forecasted, the US dollar and Treasure Yields suffered and slid.

Currency News

Because of the French Election, the dollar began the week under pressure. The outcome of the ballot were positive. However, another shadow came to tarnish this picture. “Trumponomics” failed to reassure Europe and Japan. The shift engaged by the current President of the United States worried other rich nations. Their concerns include a fear of more protectionism as well as a regress regarding issues like banking reform and climate change.

The inflation of the US hit its lowest level since October 2015. Thus, it enabled the pound to edge up against the dollar. The sterling lifted to 1.289 against the US currency. In addition, despite the rise in retail sales for the month of April, figures contradicted Wall Street expectations. Moreover, all of these data had a negative impact on Treasure Yields.

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