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On August 2, Euromoney posted an article about how machine learning use grows, but lags in HFT in foreign exchange trading. In it, they explain how demand for machine learning use has grown in the world of high frequency currency trading. To find out more, they spoke to I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher who highlighted this interest in applying to machine learning by explaining that demand for I Know First’s ForEx forecasts has grown threefold in the past year alone as well as explaining how algorithm’s like I Know First’s machine learning algorithm can be effective in HFT.


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Despite this, many traders how been slow to utilize algorithmic influence in their trading due to a series of doubt. In high frequency trading, thousands of trades are made quickly in an effort to earn almost immediate gains. One of the concerns traders have is that an algorithm would run on a delay which would wreak havoc in the world of HFT in which decisions needs to be made immediately. However, I Know First’s algorithm runs nightly and provides forecasts in the morning before the markets open. Additionally, as I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher explains in the article “the algorithm can work online, receiving up-to-date feeds and returning the answer within milliseconds. This process does increase the extremely small trading window that is characteristic of high frequency trading, but the predictive power of the algorithm more than makes up for that time increase.” We can also adapt the algorithm, which uses a combination of machine learning techniques, to only use simpler ones such as decisions trees that run even quicker for nearly real-time results.

I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher

 Moreover, I Know First provides predictions across a variety of time frames so that subscribers can decide which suits their trading. One of the other concerns traders hold is that the training may lag or the algorithm may not be trained well enough, however, I Know First’s self-learning algorithm has been trained with over 10 years of information and retrains every night based on new information from the day.


Additionally, utilizing I Know First’s forecasts nulls one of the other greatest deterrents for employing AI in trading: the cost and computational power of creating an algorithm that is actually successful. Since I Know First has already done the work creating a machine learning, all you need to do is subscribe.

The only ones who may not be able to utilize I Know First’s forecasts are those who plan to trade within a day, the shortest time horizon I Know First provides predictions for. However, the daily predictions still provide a general direction that can inform traders and I Know First is also currently in the process of adapting the algorithm for intraday trading.

One of the numerous packages I Know First offers is a currency prediction package. Subscribers receive predictions daily for a variety of currency pairings.

You can learn more about I Know First’s currency predictions here!

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