Weekly Currency Review: American Dollar and Swedish Krona Get Weaker


  • The US dollar is losing value in comparison to developing nations such as the Indonesian Rupiah and the Brazilian Real
  • Impact such as the Fed Cutting Interest Rates and Trade war is impacting the dollar value in comparison to other nations
  • I Know First model correctly predicted this prior to the change in percentages
  • Norwegian Krone rises as the Swedish Krona dives due to the decreases in the Swedish economy

American Dollar vs. Indonesian Rupiah

The American Dollar has been comparatively getting weaker in relationship to the Indonesian Rupiah. This is due to a multitude of factors but most recently it has been released in rumors that Donald Trump has been telling federal officials to weaken  the dollars for his own objectives. This may or may not be true but could definitely be contributing. Meanwhile, Indonesia is constantly getting more advanced and is gaining growth in their economy.

American Dollar vs. Brazilian Real

The Brazilian Real has had gains as of recently also due to a rapidly developing economy in the Brazil. Exports have increased GDP consistently over the past couple of months and this can explain why people are believing in the currency more in the past couple of months.

As you can see in the graphs above, I Know First was successful in its prediction on July 7th 2019. Both the drop in federal interest rate along with growth in developing nation economies can be explained for the loss of the US Dollar in comparison the Indonesia Rupiah and the Brazilian Real.  

Norwegian Krone vs. Swedish Krona

Lastly, Sweden was suffering as the exchange rate increased in comparison to the Norwegian Krone. All of these were predicted by the artificial intelligence based algorithm which I Know First utilizes to give its customers the best service.

This is a rapid change occurring in people perceptions of the different markets. I Know First’s algorithm successfully predicted this trend and it can not be explained by factors which are solely rational.

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