Currency Review: Italian and Spanish Geopolitics Threaten Euro

“The market has taken a completely different tone, it no longer believes what the parties are saying. The markets will be really unable to move forward into a different narrative” until the Italian outlook is clearer,” -Alessio de Longis, portfolio manager at Oppenheimer Funds Inc., Amidst political turmoil in Italy and Spain and increased uncertainty […]

Currency News: China’s Yuan Experiences Biggest Fall in 5 Months

Economists are watching closely to see how China will address the devaluation of the country’s currency as any action taken could have global repercussions.

Quantitative Trading: Hedge Fund Model -Daily Re-Adjustment Swing Trading (Stocks + Interest rates + Currencies)

Quantitative Trading

Time Period: July 1st, 2014 – November 30th, 2015

Stocks (60%), Interest Rates (30%), Currencies G10 (10%) – leveraged by 10

Currency News: China Raises Yuan Reference Rate by the Largest Percentage in a Decade

China has recently raised Yuan’s reference rate by 0.54% to 6.3154 against the U.S. dollar, which is the largest boost in the decade.

Currency News: Weak September CPI Causes A fall In The Aussie

The Australian dollar is facing a torrid time as of late, as the currency plunged 1% on Wednesday after weaker than expected inflation spurred rumour of a third rate cut this year by the Reserve Bank of Australia.