Will Currency Controls in Cyprus Drive Down the Euro?

Cyprus is instating restrictions on the flow of Euros in and out of the country. Can the Eurozone really survive as a common currency when individual governments don’t agree on managing the currency? Is the situation in Cyprus still affecting the valuation of the Euro? To read more click on the image on the left, […]

Will Europe Adopt a Looser Monetary Policy?

The American economy is showing relatively strong sign of improvement and the Fed has signaled that it will begin reversing its loose monetary policy. With the European economy is still mired in recession, will their central bank, the ECB adopt strong expansionary monetary policies? To read more click on the image on the left, and then click […]

Are the Fundamentals of the British Pound Strong?

Currencies tend to overshoot their ‘proper values’ and Dr. Duru of SeekingAlpha argues that the US dollar’s momentum has drowned out the fundamental strength of British pound. Is the fundamental strength of the British economy and the overbuying of the US dollar good reasons to be long the pound? To read more click on the image […]