I Know First’s unique algorithm predicts the movements of currency pairs by analyzing past data and identifying current trends. Below are the most recent pairs of past forecasts and the actual forecast results.

Currency Outlook: 75% Success Rate

1 Year currency prediction from May 9th 2014 to May 9th 2015

Currency News: USD Up, Trans Pacific Partnership Deal Looms

US currency hawks continue to complain about the artificial devaluation of the Chinese yuan, while the USD has bounced back after the most recent jobs data.

Currency Predictions Based On Algorithms: 60.00% Success Rate In 1 Month

1 Month currency prediction from April 3rd 2015 until May 3rd 2015

Currency News: What To Know About The Fed Meeting

The Federal Reserve will wrap up its third meeting of the year on Wednesday, where the focus of discussion continues to be when to raise interest rates.

Currency Forecast Based On Algorithms: 70.59% Success Rate In 1 Year

1 Year currency prediction from April 27th 2014 until April 27th 2015