I Know First’s unique algorithm predicts the movements of currency pairs by analyzing past data and identifying current trends. Below are the most recent pairs of past forecasts and the actual forecast results.

Currency News: Central Bank Activity Sends Dollar Surging

For the past eight months, the US dollar has appreciated on a trade-weighted basis at a faster pace than during any period of the same time previously.

Currency Trends: 76.47% Success Rate in 1 Year

1 Year currency prediction from March 30th 2014 until March 30th 2015

Currency Forecast Based On Machine Learning: 68% Success Rate In 1 Month

1 Month currency prediction from February 26th 2015 until March 26th 2015

Currency Predictions: 60.87% Success Rate in 3 Months

3 Months currency prediction from December 21st 2014 until March 21st 2015

Currencies Trading: 60% Success Rate in 1 Month

1 Month currency prediction from February 22nd 2015 until March 22nd 2015