I Know First’s unique algorithm predicts the movements of currency pairs by analyzing past data and identifying current trends. Below are the most recent pairs of past forecasts and the actual forecast results.

Currency Outlook Based on Stock Algorithm: 72.22% Hit Ratio in 1 Month

Currency Prediction from April 29, 2018 to May 29, 2018.

Currency Forecast Based on Machine Learning: 68.52% Hit Ratio in 1 Month

Currency Prediction from April 27, 2018 to May 27, 2018.

Currency Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence: 73.58% Hit Ratio in 14 Days

Currency Prediction from May 14, 2018 to May 28, 2018.

Currency Review: Italian and Spanish Geopolitics Threaten Euro

“The market has taken a completely different tone, it no longer believes what the parties are saying. The markets will be really unable to move forward into a different narrative” until the Italian outlook is clearer,” -Alessio de Longis, portfolio manager at Oppenheimer Funds Inc., Amidst political turmoil in Italy and Spain and increased uncertainty […]

Argentine Peso Currency Review: USD/ARS Surges 11.89% in 14 Days

(Source: Wikimedia Commons) The exchange rate between the USD to Argentine peso (USD/ARS) saw the highest return of currencies over the 14 day period from April 25 to May 9, 2018 with an increase of 11.89%. The Argentine peso has lost almost a third (~30%) of its value against the dollar YTD. The large decrease […]