Weekly Currency Review: UK political instability leads to heightened interest in safe-haven currencies

Summary Currency Review Headlines surrounding rising trade tensions and a possible global slowdown continue to dictate currency trading levels Uncertainty regarding Brexit, UK politics reduces investor interest in the GBP Safe haven status of both the CHF and the JPY appears attractive in a risk-averse global environment Swiss Franc vs. British Pound: Continued Rise of […]

Weekly Currency Review: Euro Zone, Britain, US diverge in News and Policy

Summary Currency Review Economic data concerning jobs and economic output is behind a soft US dollar and currency review News headlines surrounding trade negotiations continue to move markets Trade resolution with Mexico provides temporary relief for American markets but uncertainty remains concerning Brexit negotiations Euro VS British Pound: British Economic Output and currency review Between […]

I Know First Forex Forecasts Featured In EuroMoney Article

On August 2, Euromoney posted an article about how¬†machine learning use grows, but lags in HFT in foreign exchange trading. In it, they explain how demand for machine learning use has grown in the world of high frequency currency trading. To find out more, they spoke to I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher who highlighted […]

Currency News: Bitcoin Beats $4,000 Ceiling

Currency News: Bitcoin Beat $4,000 Ceiling

Currency News: Continued Upward Momentum for EUR

Currency News: Continued Upward Momentum for EUR