Currency Market Review: Australian Dollar on the Rise

Summary: The Australian Dollar has continued its previous growth after recent Chinese economic data showed stronger than expected performance. The Great British Pound is struggling due to Brexit uncertainty. Expected interest rate cuts are weakening the Euro and U.S. Dollar. Australian Dollar vs. Pound Sterling The Australian dollar is on the rise. The Reserve Bank […]

Weekly Currency Review: American Dollar and Swedish Krona Get Weaker

Summary The US dollar is losing value in comparison to developing nations such as the Indonesian Rupiah and the Brazilian Real Impact such as the Fed Cutting Interest Rates and Trade war is impacting the dollar value in comparison to other nations I Know First model correctly predicted this prior to the change in percentages […]

Weekly Currency Review: Euro Zone, Britain, US diverge in News and Policy

Summary Currency Review Economic data concerning jobs and economic output is behind a soft US dollar and currency review News headlines surrounding trade negotiations continue to move markets Trade resolution with Mexico provides temporary relief for American markets but uncertainty remains concerning Brexit negotiations Euro VS British Pound: British Economic Output and currency review Between […]

Currency News: British Pound Jumps Ahead of Brexit Talks

Currency News: British Pound Jumps Ahead of Brexit Talks

Currency News: Nigerian’s Naira Facing Volatility

Investors interested by Naira: the Nigerian Currency.