I Know First Forex Forecasts Featured In EuroMoney Article

On August 2, Euromoney posted an article about how¬†machine learning use grows, but lags in HFT in foreign exchange trading. In it, they explain how demand for machine learning use has grown in the world of high frequency currency trading. To find out more, they spoke to I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher who highlighted […]

Exchange Rate Predictions: 64% Hit Ratio

14 Days Currency Forecast from July 26th to August 9th

Currencies Trading: 60% Success Rate in 1 Month

1 Month currency prediction from February 22nd 2015 until March 22nd 2015

Currency Forecast: 78.26% Hit Ratio

3 months currency predictions from July 17th until October 17th

Forex Forecast: 75% Hit Ratio

3 month currency predictions from June 27th until September 27th