Weekly Currency Review: USD Grasps Big Win In Trade War Against China

US dollar beats Chinese yuan amid escalating tensions USD/CNY continues its hike, fueled by escalating tensions emanating from the heated US-China trade war. Early this week, USD/CNY reached 6.9 and the ratio remains comfortably in that vicinity. USD/CNY increased by 1.41% in the 7-day range of last week’s forecast, as correctly predicted by I Know […]

Weekly Currency Review: The Turkish Lira Stumbles Against The American Dollar

US-China Trade War The U.S. increased tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods on the 10th of May. This came after trade talks in Washington the night before failed to produce an agreement to forestall the higher levies. The USD/CNY moved haphazardly from 6.7934 to 6.8464, indicating an increase in […]

Weekly Currency Review: Immediate Trade Tensions Has Ebbed As the US-EU Meeting Goes On

 Weekly Currency Review The US Dollar is trading in a narrow range DXY Index Price Chart: 5-minute Timeframe (from July 19 to July 26, 2018). Source: Tradeview.com The US dollar is trapped in a narrow range in the past week. It’s the eighteenth month into the Trump presidency and tariffs could be unexpectedly disruptive. Trump […]

Weekly Currency Review: Fed’s Hawkish Tone Boost Greenback; Dollar Takes Over Yen As A Safe Haven In Trade War

Weekly Currency Review   DXY Index Price Chart: 5-minute Timeframe (from July 12 to July 19, 2018). Source: Tradeview.com The US retail sales data released this Monday showed 0.5 percent rise in June, and last month’s spending growth was revised to 1.3 percent from 0.8 percent, confirming the accelerating consumer spending in the second quarter. […]

Weekly Currency Review: Escalating Trade War Helps US Dollar Beat Others

Weekly Currency Review DXY Index Price Chart: 5-minute Timeframe (from July 4 to July 11, 2018). Source: Tradeview.com The US employment data released last Friday showed optimism in the economy. There are 213,000 jobs added in June, down from the May’s figure of 244,000 but beating the forecast of 195,000 from Thomson Reuters survey. Even […]