Currency News: Real or Fake? Learn To Check Dollar Bill Security

Currency News

Many law-abiding people assume that it is a small chance they will have to deal with fake money at some point in their life. However, it might be extremely unpleasant if accidentally a cashier in the supermarket will refuse to take your $100 bill that you’ve got a day before from a grocery store seller. In this article, we try to figure out if there is an easy way to check whether a dollar bill is real or fake because we believe that some observational skills, knowledge, and a bit of common sense might save you from such unpleasant situations.

Currency News

The first thing you can do is checking the texture of the bill.  Genuine US dollar bill has slightly raised ink and you should be able to feel this, especially if it’s a new one. Take few seconds and rub the paper between your fingers. Another thing you can do is comparing the bills of the same denomination. If you are not sure about your $1 bill, just pull out another one and compare two of them. Make sure you compare the bills of the same series since everything but $1 and $2 bills have been redesigned.

Take a look at the printing quality of the bill. The real bill is printed with techniques that hard to duplicate. Check out the portrait on the bill and make sure the lines are sharp and do not blur. It is important to mention that serial numbers can help you to check bill’s quality as well. If the numbers match and are spaced perfectly, this might be a sign that your bill is not fake. If you noticed that two bills have exactly the same number that might be a reason for worry, since every bill has its unique serial number. We also suggest you checking out U.S. Currency Education Program website with its interactive presentation of the dollar bill’s security features.

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