I Know First’s unique algorithm predicts the movements of currency pairs by analyzing past data and identifying current trends. Below are the most recent pairs of past forecasts and the actual forecast results.

Forex Pairs Ranking Based on Genetic Algorithms: 59.62% Hit Ratio in 3 Days

Forex Pairs Ranking

The left-hand graph shows the forex pairs ranking predictor forecast from February 8, 2019, which includes long and short recommendations. The green boxes are long signals while the red boxes are short signals. The right-hand side shows the returns of the suggested currency pairs from February 8, 2019 to February 11, 2019.

Weekly Currency Review: Turkish Lira Surges

Turkish Lira Rises After Change In The Inflation Forecasts The Central Bank of Turkey modified its inflation forecast for 2019, reducing it from 15.2% to 14.6%. There is a hope to achieve 8.2% target inflation by 2020. Murat Cetinkaya, governor of the Central Bank, vowed to keep tight monetary policy stance until there is a […]

Currency Outlook Based on Stock Algorithm: 61.54% Hit Ratio in 7 Days

Currency ranking for 7 Days from January 29, 2019 to February 5, 2019.

Currency Forecast Based on Algorithmic Trading: 71.15% Hit Ratio in 14 Days

Currency forecast for 14 Days from January 22, 2019 to February 5, 2019.

Currency Outlook Based on Deep-Learning : 76.92% Hit Ratio in 14 Days

This forecast shows the returns of the suggested currency pairs from January 21, 2019 to February 4, 2019.