Currency News: Euro Falls Against Dollar After Its Peak On Monday

Currency News

The volatility of the currency market was high during the week, especially for the euro/dollars parity. On Monday, Euro hit its highest annual level against the dollar over 1.17$ during the mini market crash due to the worries about the Chinese economy. Nevertheless, the euro currency went back to its standard on Friday with a 1.12$ value.

currency news

Investors are regaining confidence in risky assets and so on the attractiveness of heaven value, as the euro currency seems to be recently, is decreasing. Strong American statistics, published during the week, lead to minimize the risks, which have created panic on the stock market. The growth rate in the United States reaches a level of 3.7%, higher than the expectations. Positive indicators emphasize the probability that the FED will increase its interest rate in September, which would cause a rise of the dollar’s value. In fact, if the FED increases its rate, the dollars would be more profitable for investors and so on the dollars’ demand would be boosted.

While investors are concerned about Chinese, the United States reassures and calms the stock market volatility. After the upward revision of the American GDP, we are waiting for the monthly report about american employment data.

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