Weekly Currency Review: Trade Tensions And ECB Reforms Jolt Currency Market

Currency Review for the week from June 12, 2018 to June 19, 2018.

Currency Review: Italian and Spanish Geopolitics Threaten Euro

“The market has taken a completely different tone, it no longer believes what the parties are saying. The markets will be really unable to move forward into a different narrative” until the Italian outlook is clearer,” -Alessio de Longis, portfolio manager at Oppenheimer Funds Inc., Amidst political turmoil in Italy and Spain and increased uncertainty […]

Argentine Peso Currency Review: USD/ARS Surges 11.89% in 14 Days

(Source: Wikimedia Commons) The exchange rate between the USD to Argentine peso (USD/ARS) saw the highest return of currencies over the 14 day period from April 25 to May 9, 2018 with an increase of 11.89%. The Argentine peso has lost almost a third (~30%) of its value against the dollar YTD. The large decrease […]

Currency Predictions Based on Machine Learning: 80.77% Hit Ratio in 7 Days

7 days Currency Forecast from October 24th, 2017 to October 31st, 2017.

Forex Forecast Based on a Self-learning Algorithm: 77.78% Hit Ratio in 7 Days

7 days Currency Forecast from October 23rd, 2017 to October 30th, 2017.