Weekly Currency Review: Theresa May’s Deal Rejected

Pound surges after lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal Pound surges after lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union. Market uncertainness about the deal led GBP to fall to 1.267. After Theresa May’s deal was overwhelmingly rejected, Pound surged to 1.288 and continued to rise on this mood […]

Weekly Currency Review: Bitcoin Swings

Long BTC/EUR and Short USD/BTC I Know First has successfully predicted Bitcoin price fluctuation for 3 days from 6 January to 9 January 2019, with a gain of 3.09% for long BTC/EUR and 4.37% for short USD/BTC before the major sell-off of Bitcoin, when bitcoin suddenly fell at around 6.00 UTC. This caused spread losses […]

Weekly Currency Review: Yen Flash Crash Affects Currencies

Japanese Yen Crash A Flash Crash happened on Thursday opening when the yen surged through levels that haven’t been broken for about 2 years. Traders across Asia and Europe are looking for the reason why it happened in those minutes when orders flooded in to sell. It jumped about 8 percent versus Australian Dollar and […]

Weekly Currency Review: The Dollar Suffers from The Political Developments in the US

EUR/USD In the weekly currency review the dollar slipped against its Group-of-10 peers, while the yen, seen by many as a haven, gained for a seventh day. The dollar suffers from the latest political developments in the US, as not only the US Federal Reserve cut its rate hikes forecast, indicating that the current level […]

Weekly Currency Review: Immediate Trade Tensions Has Ebbed As the US-EU Meeting Goes On

 Weekly Currency Review The US Dollar is trading in a narrow range DXY Index Price Chart: 5-minute Timeframe (from July 19 to July 26, 2018). Source: Tradeview.com The US dollar is trapped in a narrow range in the past week. It’s the eighteenth month into the Trump presidency and tariffs could be unexpectedly disruptive. Trump […]