Weekly Currency Review: Trade War Conciliatory Turn and G20 Summit Rises Interest in Safe-haven Currencies

Summary Headlines surrounding political tensions continue to dictate currency trading levels Central Banks relaxed monetary policies weaken Euro against the Australian Dollar. G20 summit hold last week in a hot political context was expected to soothe relations between the U.S, Canada and China, having a positive impact on the FX markets.  Australian Dollar versus Euro Australian Dollar gained 1.27% over Euro during the last week, extending rebound begun a couple of weeks ago. The Australian dollar reacted positively to the RBA […]

Weekly Currency Review: UK political instability leads to heightened interest in safe-haven currencies

Summary Currency Review Headlines surrounding rising trade tensions and a possible global slowdown continue to dictate currency trading levels Uncertainty regarding Brexit, UK politics reduces investor interest in the GBP Safe haven status of both the CHF and the JPY appears attractive in a risk-averse global environment Swiss Franc vs. British Pound: Continued Rise of […]

Weekly Currency Review: GBP struggles as Theresa May exits

Theresa May’s exit offers little hope for GBP On May 24, Theresa May resigned from her position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This, unfortunately, offered little hope for the pound to bounce back from a month-long struggle, with the currency dropping 2.9% against the US dollar just in May. With the fears of […]

Weekly Currency Review: USD Grasps Big Win In Trade War Against China

US dollar beats Chinese yuan amid escalating tensions USD/CNY continues its hike, fueled by escalating tensions emanating from the heated US-China trade war. Early this week, USD/CNY reached 6.9 and the ratio remains comfortably in that vicinity. USD/CNY increased by 1.41% in the 7-day range of last week’s forecast, as correctly predicted by I Know […]

Weekly Currency Review: The Turkish Lira Stumbles Against The American Dollar

US-China Trade War The U.S. increased tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods on the 10th of May. This came after trade talks in Washington the night before failed to produce an agreement to forestall the higher levies. The USD/CNY moved haphazardly from 6.7934 to 6.8464, indicating an increase in […]