Currency Prediction: 60.87% Success Rate

3 months currency predictions from August 10th until November 10th

Currency Forecast: How to Trade Currency Using Algorithms

Currency Forecast: Algorithmic Forecast Performance Analysis from July 25th – October 25th

Stock and currency analysts and investors are quickly being substituted by powerful computerized algorithms. Unlike traditional algorithms, todays advancements utilize advanced self-learning algorithms to analyze, model and predict markets. Unlike analysts who look mainly at the specific company’s performance they are analyzing, the algorithm supervises the movement of money in all markets. This allows it to forecast not only stocks, but also ETF’s, world indices, gold, currencies, interest rates, and commodities.

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Currency Forecast: 78.26% Hit Ratio

3 months currency predictions from July 17th until October 17th

Currency Forecast: 73.91% Hit Ratio

3 months currency predictions from July 11th until October 11th

Currency Forecast: 75.00% Hit Ratio

3 month currency predictions from July 6th.