Forex Pair Forecast Based on Algo Trading: 61.54% Hit Ratio in 1 Month

the returns of the suggested currency pairs from January 27, 2019 to February 27, 2019.

Exchange Rate Outlook Based on Pattern Recognition: 61.54% Hit Ratio in 1 Month

Currency predictions for 1 month from January 20, 2019 to February 20, 2019.

Weekly Currency Review: Turkish Lira Surges

Turkish Lira Rises After Change In The Inflation Forecasts The Central Bank of Turkey modified its inflation forecast for 2019, reducing it from 15.2% to 14.6%. There is a hope to achieve 8.2% target inflation by 2020. Murat Cetinkaya, governor of the Central Bank, vowed to keep tight monetary policy stance until there is a […]

Currency Outlook Based on Stock Algorithm: 61.54% Hit Ratio in 7 Days

Currency ranking for 7 Days from January 29, 2019 to February 5, 2019.

Currency Forecast Based on Algorithmic Trading: 71.15% Hit Ratio in 14 Days

Currency forecast for 14 Days from January 22, 2019 to February 5, 2019.