Currency News: U.S. Presidential Election’s Expectations Affecting EM Economies & Venezuela’s Bolivar Is Collapsing

U.S. Presidential Elections Expectations Affecting EM Economies & Venezuela’s Bolivar Collapsing

Currency News: Prosperous Future for the Egyptian Pound, Brazil Benefits from Brexit, Azerbaijan’s Recent Struggle

Things are looking up for Egypt and Brazil, Azerbaijan hits a road bump

Currency News: Brazilian Real Weakens

The Real, Brazil’s currency, falls in value when compared to its major global peers.

Currency News: Brazilian Real Rallies in the Midst of Political Turmoil

Brazil has seen tumultuous times in the last year. The country is facing a deep recession, downgrades from rating agencies, bleak unemployment rates, a huge fiscal deficit, and political unrest. Yet, in recent weeks, the real has appeared to be on an upward swing. There are a few contributing factors, but political turmoil seems to be the biggest component to the currency’s rise.