Currency Market Review: Australian Dollar on the Rise


  • The Australian dollar steadily gained against US dollar since the plunge in March when strict containment policies were introduced.
  • Safe-haven Japanese yen gained while global equity market fell after Fed’s pessimistic outlook for the US economy.
  • If the situation worsens in the US, the demand for USD as a safer investment will still be high, driving USD value high.

Weekly Currency Review: UK political instability leads to heightened interest in safe-haven currencies

Summary Currency Review Headlines surrounding rising trade tensions and a possible global slowdown continue to dictate currency trading levels Uncertainty regarding Brexit, UK politics reduces investor interest in the GBP Safe haven status of both the CHF and the JPY appears attractive in a risk-averse global environment Swiss Franc vs. British Pound: Continued Rise of […]

Weekly Currency Review: Escalating Trade War Helps US Dollar Beat Others

Weekly Currency Review DXY Index Price Chart: 5-minute Timeframe (from July 4 to July 11, 2018). Source: The US employment data released last Friday showed optimism in the economy. There are 213,000 jobs added in June, down from the May’s figure of 244,000 but beating the forecast of 195,000 from Thomson Reuters survey. Even […]

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